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Hydro Jet Cleaning and Vacuuming
When you have clogged drains or a backed up sewer line, Hydro-Jet cleaning may be an option for you! Hydro-Jet
and Vacuum cleaning is an efficient way to clean your pipe lines of any debris that may be clogging them with high
pressure water.

We use state-of-the-art pumps and flexible hoses to direct high pressure streams of water to cleanse and unclog
underground pipes, drains and sewer lines.

How Hydro-Jet Cleaning Works

Hydro-Jet is designed to quickly clean sanitary and storm sewer lines, laterals and drainage lines using high
pressure water while vacuuming back flushed debris and water.

Hydro jet cleaning is a great option for long distances or lines larger than 4” long where blockages are present .
Hydro-Jet benefits at a glance:
  • Quick, economical and environmentally safe.
  • Prevents damage to property or equipment.
  • Removes most if not all debris for a thorough cleaning.
  • Eliminates emergency drain problems.
  • Reduces downtime and potential loss of revenue for commercial clients

It's quick, economical and environmentally safe, and can be used on many types of pipe. Regular preventive
maintenance is key to keeping drain lines flowing free
The Hydro-Jet/Vacuum process uses high pressure water jets to clear blocked drain pipes without the need for any
abrasive or corrosive chemicals. Hydro-Jetting can completely remove accumulated grease, detergents, dirt, and
mineral deposits which can have built up within drainage systems over many years.
Harry Caswell Plumbing,Mechanical and utility Contractor Hydro-Jet / Vacuum Services Include:

    •Sanitary Sewer Line Cleaning
    •Storm Sewer Line Cleaning
    •High Velocity Sewer Pipe Cleaning
    •Catch Basin Cleaning & Disposal
    •Grease, Sand & Silt Removal
    •Sewage Pipe Cleaning 2"-72" Diameters
    •Sewer Hydro Root Cleaning
    •Sewer Obstructions Removal
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Emergency Plumbing Service
When it comes to your plumbing needs, Harry Caswell Plumbing, Mechanical and Utility Contractor is ready to
Our Fully Trained and Proficient Emergency Maintenance Engineers are available 24 Hours 7 Days a week,
365 days a year to attend to your problems promptly and competently.
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